Available for Parties, Festivals and other fun events

Steve is an artist/entertainer based out of Jacksonville, FL. He plays to the peanut gallery while he draws and does not mind folks looking over his shoulder. He adapts to the situation and crowd. He can entertain small children with G-rated material or push the envelop at adult parties.

Steve does caricatures in many styles from the theme park big-head-little-body to sketchiture.
Steve is best known for his sketchiture in color (Comic book-like stuff).

Steve normally draws on 11x14 two-ply bristol (card stock) but can draw on almost any relatively smooth, solid surface

  • t-shirts
  • canvas
  • sidewalks
  • skin
  • acetate
  • wall board
  • glass
  • etc
  • He prefers drawing from sittings but regularly works from photos and was a police artist for over five years so he CAN work from description.

    Normal caricatures per hour are as follows:

  • Black & white face only about 15 per hour (fast but not so popular)
  • Black & white with body about 8 per hour (big-head/little body or comic book body)
  • Face only in color about 12 per hour (the most popular for children's parties)
  • Face and body in color about 6 per hour (the most popular overall (and artist's favorite!))

    (NOTE-drawings per hour vary plus or minus 3 faces per hour depending on situation, crowd, set-up)

    (NOTE-Steve prefers (and is notably faster) drawing couples, families, groups, ect. on a page)

    Steve also does temporary tattoos with Sharpie pens. The tattoos look real and can last three to five days or wash off with alcohol. Steve can create the henna look. If you're willing bear it, Steve can draw on it. How fast? Depends on what gets drawn where and the commentary from the peanut gallery.

    He is one of the few artists left in the US to cut silhouettes.

    He cuts the silhouettes from construction paper and mounts them on a contrasting colored paper. He has stacked as many as four cut-outs on one finished product. Each face takes about 5-10 minutes.

    Steve entertains crowds with butt sketches of individuals or groups posed around a theme prop then drawn from the back side. The posing, with appropriate commentary from the artist and peanut gallery, often takes longer than the actual drawing which takes about 3-5 minutes per person. He has done scene sketches at fund raisers and parties adding to the ambiance. The sketches were auctioned at the fund raisers and given away as gifts at the parties.

    Steve draws presentation peices (caricature, sketches, portraits, silhouettes, technical drawings, wanted posters, ??? ....) In his studio and provides them to the client for use as gifts or blackmail.

    Steve is VERY adaptable and will take on almost any odd-ball-off-the-wall project. Give him a try.